Nordic Photography Network (NPN) is a network established in 2012 by four Nordic photography organisations. The current member organisations of the network are Galleri Image from Aarhus, The Northern Photographic Centre from Oulu, Centrum För Fotografi from Stockholm, Fotogalleriet from Oslo, Forbundet Frie Fotografer from Oslo and Fotografisk Center from Copenhagen.

The objective of the network is to increase collaboration in the field of contemporary camera-based art within the Nordic countries and to generate a deeper, mutual knowledge about different artistic practices. The network also aims at generating deeper, mutual knowledge of different artistic practices both within the Nordic countries and within a broader international context.

In 2013 NPN has co-operated in the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, and in a project called Panorama Norden and its exhibition Cityscapes and Relations in Between by Centrum för fotografi and for the photo book festival  Various Sides of Photography, which is organized by Forbundet Frie Fotografer and Fotogalleriet, as well as in a Danish contemporary photographic exhibition Rendezvous with Nature held in Oulu. Cooperation has continued in January 2014 when Galleri Image and The Northern Photographic Centre organised an exhibition Three Knots by a Finnish artist Antti Laitinen in Aarhus, Denmark.

In order to create a new platform for cooperating and introducing Nordic photographic art NPN created a concept for  ”Nordic Photographic Event” to be a regular meeting point not only for photographers, curators and organizations, but also for administrative staff and other cultural producers in the field of visual arts. The first Nordic Photographic Event called WEEK 37 and an exhibition called What’s Up North? will be held in Oulu in September 2014. The network and the event have been supported by the Nordic Culture Fund and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.